About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Bennett Naturopath


digestive health


bloating, constipation & diarrhoea


arthritis & inflammation


cardiovascular disease

high blood presssure/cholesterol

autoimmune diseases

allergies & hayfever

boosting the immune system

children's health, ADD, ADHD, autism

stress,anxiety & depression


PCOS, endometriosis & fertility

muscle cramps & pain

diet and detoxification

elimination diets & food allergies

weight loss

skin disorders, eczema & acne

fatigue/burn out

thyroid disorders


If your condition is not listed here please contact me on 0411 680 839 to see  how I can help you.




Elizabeth is a university qualified naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Science in naturopathy & diploma's in nutrition, western herbal medicine & homeopathy. Since 2009 she has operated a naturopathy clinic in Sydney's hills district.
Elizabeth is a compassionate practitioner who truly listens to her clients & helps to empower them to achieve their true health potential. She aims to find the cause of their health complaints by taking a thorough case history & offers a variety of testing & techniques to obtain more information if required.
The human body is complex with many factors to consider such as genetics, nutrition, environment, lifestyle, constitution & spiritual & emotional wellbeing. As such Elizabeth believes in making treatment plans that are individualized & sets health goals that are realistic & obtainable. 
Elizabeth draws upon many modalities including iridology, naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy & counselling. She works in conjunction with other health practitioners to ensure an integrative approach so that all aspects of one's health can be addressed.
Elizabeth has a special interest in anxiety, depression, autoimmune diseases, allergies, inflammatory conditions, digestive health, detoxification & women's health. With three children of her own, children's health is also of particular interest to her.
Elizabeth keeps up to date with the latest scientific information & regularly attends seminars & training.





  • Bachelor of Health Science (naturopathy) (UNE)
  • Advanced diploma of naturopathy (ACNT)
  • Diploma of nutrition (ACNT)
  • Advanced diploma of western herbal medicine(ACNT)
  • Advanced diploma of homeopathy (ACNT)
  • Bush flower essences certificate (ACNT)
  • Bachelor of Arts (visual communications majoring in photography) (KVB Inst. Tech.)
  • Member of ATMS 22069